<VV> beat up bolt heads, and the wrenches that cause that

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Socket wrenches usually have a chamfer or bevel on the open end.

The chamfer demonstates good workmanship, and probably reduces stress concentration in the socket  little bit, but when a bolt head or nut is not full height the lost contact area can beat up the fastener and the wrench will slip.  I have a few 6 pt sockets whose ends I've ground flat to provide maximum bolt hex contact. As I recall Corvair flywheel size is one. 

Dan Timberlake

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> Subject: Flywheel bolts 
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> Ok, 
> Just need to check on what I am missing here. Was starting on 
> the reassembly of my '63 clutch job and noticed the flywheel bolts were 
> rounded a little on the edges. Went to look at what it would cost to 
> replace them with a better set and I see the price is approx. $6 a bolt 
> from the vendors. What is so special about these bolts? I have not had 
> time to check locally, but they appear to be 11/32(?) x 1" 24NF, grade 
> 8. Can I dress the edges and re-install carefully or am I taking a 
> chance that the PO over torqued them and they could possibly fail? Any 
> opinion welcome.... 
> Thanks, 
> Robyn Wood 

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