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Bruce Schug bwschug at charter.net
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On Dec 8, 2007, at 3:03 PM, Steven wrote:

> I've been looking at old and not so old posts and scouring the net for 
> available tires for my LM vert.  I've got Chevy Rally wheels, 14 x 7 
> and presently up front 195/60 Goodyear GT+4 which have a crappy ride 
> and also look small to me (and did I mention they're noisy too?).  In 
> the rear they're 215/60 and they look OK.  I'm looking fo an all 
> season performance radial that will be close to stock diameter and a 
> little wider, though not nercessarily as wide as 215.
> It seems my closest options are 195/70-14, 205/70-14, 0r 205/60-14.  
> I'm leaning toward the 70 series primarily for ride comfort but I 
> don't want it to look too skinny.  There are more choices in the 
> 195/70-14 size and the Pirelli P-4 looks like it might be a pretty 
> good choice.  For general street use, is there any consensus?

The 205/70-14's are essentially the exact diameter as 7.00-13's. 
Obviously, the 195/70-14's are a bit small. When you go down to a 
60-series, you get a lot smaller. The 205/60-14 is way small; forget it 
if you intend to be anywhere close to stock diameter, as you stated. Go 
to one of the tire-size web pages and study it a bit.

If you really want something near the stock diameter of 25.3", the 
205/70-14 is your only choice in a 14" wheel.

A fellow in our club just put a set of 8 1/2 x 16's on his late coupe 
with 205/55's on front and 215/55's on the rear. They fit very nicely 
and the 215/55-16 is 25.3"!! The wheels are off an S-10 Extreme. For 
more information, e-mail Ed Kelly at kellyjre at aol.com.


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