<VV> KYB shocks

Edelstein and Payne eandp at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 13 08:06:42 EST 2007

     I spent some time on the phone with the KYB folks about 4 months ago.  I had numbers off of their shocks that I had bought for another car from Corvair Motorsports a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately the fronts on that car were for 2" dropped springs and I was looking for stock height on the "new" car.

    KYB still had the rear shocks (don't remember the part number, but can get it if someone really wants it), but the fronts that they came up with and sent me were wrong and had an "upper tube".  There was no way they would fit the front.  The front shocks need to have just a rod with no tube around it on the top, to go up in the pocket on the front cross member.  The one in the picture that Tony I. attached to his email looks the same, and there is no way it will fit the front.

     After I got the wrong front ones from KYB, I spent some more time on the phone with 2 different guys.  They could not come up with a shock that was likely to work.  If anyone does get a part number that really works, I'd be interested, although I'd rather have their gas-adjust shocks than the GR-2's.

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