<VV> Velocity Stack Air Cleaners

OrchidEsquire at aol.com OrchidEsquire at aol.com
Thu Dec 13 21:07:40 EST 2007

I have a 66 Corsa Convertible 140 HP 4 sp and want to use "something  
different" than the "stock" air cleaner assembly. I thought a set of 4  individual 
velocity stacks on top of the 4 carbs would look sharp, but have  not found any 
that fit. Has anyone done this before? What did they use and  where did they 
buy them? Another thought was to try to use the small  2" or 3" cone filters. I 
thought I could get a local machine shop to  make up an aluminum adapter made 
to fit the top of the carbs and then fit  the bottom of the filters.  Has 
anyone done this? Any suggestions or  sources would be appreciated.
Joel Roth, Ft Lauderdale 

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