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IF? the T-stat doors start to open...air temp is 225F...? so no need to worry..

Never heard of a seat falling out due to ultra cold weather...

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On Dec 15, 2007, at 9:44 PM, shortle wrote:?
> Is it possible for a Corvair to run "too cool"? After deflashing the > 95HP cylinder heads, using a 12 plate oil cooler with both side > shrouds, using the Otto Parts pan and valve covers, both of my rear > doors barely start to open and then close again very quickly when > driving. I know both doors move freely and both thermostats are > operating properly.?
> Is it dangerous for an Corvair engine to be operating in low temps (0 > degrees F to 40 F)? I have heard about starting an engine with cold > temps. and valve seats coming out of heads

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