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If it were me, I'd keep it to the 205s in the front. Even Porsche 911s for  a 
long time ran 205/55-16s on the front, and 245/45-16s on the rear. Given the  
weight bias of rear engine cars, there's little point to oversizing the front 
 tires. Not to mention it makes it harder to steer in parking lots, more 
kickback  when you hit potholes, more tracking issues on rutted surfaces, etc. 
You can also do like the present Corvette and the Deloreans, run one inch  
larger on the rear diameter than the front! Say, 205/55-16s on the front, and  
245/40-17s on the rear. <G>
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Has  anyone used the 16 x 8 on the rear of a LM 'vair? I've been searching, 
and  found some who have used 16 x 7, which I plan on using them on the front. 
But  I'm still unsure on the rear.
I plan on going with 205/50 16 or  225/50 16's on the front, and 245/50 16's 
on the rear. Several people seem to  have had success with those sizes. 
Although the 225/50 might be tight on the  front.

Any and all words of wisdom would be  apreaciated.


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