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Tue Dec 18 11:42:37 EST 2007

At 01:29 AM 12/17/2007, BobHelt at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 12/16/2007 10:55:15 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
>shortle556 at earthlink.net writes:
>After  having a crankcase fill up with gasoline about 20+ years  ago
>Hi Timothy,
>It won't help much now, but did you know that this is very unlikely to
>happen with a stock-type mech pump. The AC and other stock ones have 
>a built-in
>internal dam to prevent this from happening. Any gas that might hit the
>crankcase is diverted to an outlet ontside the pump.
>It's those non-stock aftermarket pumps that did away with the dam which let
>the gas fill the crankcase when a diaphragm ruptures.
>Take all your mech pumps apart and compare them to the pics in the Tech
>Guide for comparison.
>Bob Helt

Bob makes a good point here.   Some years ago there WERE some bogus 
pumps floating around and a few still reside on shelves at the 
FLAPS.  Check close if you buy one from these stores.    Most of the 
bogus ones have long since been weeded out and the pumps you get from 
the vendors do work as they should and in all likelihood will be the 
last pump you will need for the engine since they could possibly last 
as long as the originals, which could be decades.

I bought a pump from one of the major vendors the last time I 
actually needed one, and that was over a decade ago and it's still 
performing perfectly.  The other mechanical pumps haven't shown any 
issues so I've not worried about them.    I have a fresh spare, 
sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust, just in case.   I also 
have a bunch of pump repair parts, along with several used-good pumps 
stuck here and there.

No need for any electric pumps in my fleet.    I trust the mechanical pumps.


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