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A person  could use up two batteries and melt the starter long before enough 
oil could  be pumped through the engine to fill collapsed lifters.

D.   Conclusions:
If someone really wants an electric fuel pump it would be best  to:
1.  Adapt an 'in tank' unit ... and don't forget the overflow  return system.
2.  Mount an aftermarket unit as close to the engine as  possible even though 
the instructions recommend placing it by the  tank.
3.  Either way it should be wired with a switch designed to  sense engine oil 
pressure after start up.

Ken  Pepke

Ken -
On a street Corvair, I agree with all of your recommendations, depending on  
where the "As close to the engine" is. On my race Camaro, a 1994, I  installed 
a low pressure in-tank pump to replace the high-pressure EFI pump,  then an 
outside "performance" pump, mounted in the rear near the tank and  all new AN 
lines to the front mounted Holley, with no return, but a reliable  pressure 
regulator. All of the items, pump, ignition and starter are separately  
controlled. This allows me to fill the carb with the electric pumps, bring up  pressure 
in the motor via the Accusump, crank the motor over a bit to open the  
passages to the crank and rods (solid lifters), without the ignition on. Then  start 
the motor on the first turn. I kill the motor, after mechanically closing  
the Accusump handle, with the complete cut-off switch. I suppose the oil  
pressure switch could be added to disable the fuel pumps in the event of an  engine 
stall. Perhaps a dual electric feed for the pumps with a momentary switch  to 
fill the carb(s) and a oil pressure dependent switch for running. I  will have 
to design the wiring circuits for the new Corvair soon. I will be  adapting 
some of the left over Camaro stuff. -  Seth 

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