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Chris C ricorvair at cox.net
Wed Dec 19 13:08:15 EST 2007

Since the 65's tank was out I figured it was a good time to figure out 
why the gauge reads funny.

When full it reads way over at about 1/2 it drops to half, then steadily 
down until empty.

Attached my meter to it, set to 2K

Fairly steady readings from .008 to .199ish

Is this normal?

Anybody use a product called Rust Destroyer. Below is an email from the 

Want to paint behind the tank and the suspension items I have taken off.

Normally I use POR-15 but where it is I know I will end up wearing the 
por-15 which lasts longer than most tattoos.

Gloves, Please see MSDS on line for further information

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    Precautions for skin protection? I will brush it on due to the
    confines I am spraying in.
    Por-15 is nice, but if you get it on you it is on you until time
    fades it off.

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        Hi Chris.
        I think that RUST KNOCK OUT will be better for your appliaction,
        since it is water based and cures oevrnight. It can be used on
        other mecahnical parts as well.
        You may need to order that on the inetrnet at our webiste. Below
        is the basic application instructions. Please note we will be
        clsoed for vacation from 12/20/07 to January 7th, 2008.

        Basic application instructions.


        Brush, Roller, and Spray can apply both products. Our
        specification calls for a

        3-mil dry film thickness. Since the solids by volume are 41% the
        WET paint to be applied is 7.5 mil. (1mil equals .0254MM).
        Please note if you do not get that thickness, the products will
        NOT work properly. To be sure that you have the proper thickness
        use a micrometer to measure mil thickness.

        Spraying Instructions:

        The following information was obtained form the industrial
        technical service group is for spraying RUST DESTROYER ^® , RUST
        KNOCK OUT ^®

        Equipment, airless spray with a 17 tip opening =. 017 in USA
        measurements, which equals. 432 MM. Using airless sprays at
        2,500 to 3,000 PSI will atomize the products evenly.


        For portability and easy use the equipment recommended is GRACO

        Ultramax ST 495 This is a portable unit for 1 and 5 gallon
        containers. But it MUST BE tested first. All you need is to be
        bale to plug into en electrical out let.

        This is the cheapest of the line. Cost approximately $ 2,073.00

        Than you can look at the ultramax ST 695, for $ 2,958.00 or
        ultramax ST 795. For $ 3967.00 the all do the same thing. The
        higher the model the bigger the machine and it is heavier duty
        so it should last longer.

        Also keep in mind that you loose coverage per gallon because of
        spraying. It is because you have wind, and “bounce off” the
        surface. Some surfaces absorb more than others.

        For further details on spray equipment and application please go
        to the link below for the manufacturer’s web site. If you are
        thinking of purchasing equipment,

        I am sure they will be happy to provide you with all information
        and a demo.

        www.graco.com <http://www.graco.com/> 1/877-844-7226


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            I have a 65 corvair. I have removed the gas tank. Normally I
            brush on POR15, but once you get por15 on you only time will
            remove it. Since I have to be on my back under the car I was
            looking for something that is:
            as effective
            easier and safer to use.
            Hopefully that can be sprayed with a home spray gun and a
            good mask.
            Can it be used on other mechanical parts (cross members,
            suspension parts, etc).
            Can I use it to paint the tank? Do you have anything I can
            use as an anti-rust on the inside of the tank.

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