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Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Thu Dec 20 16:55:29 EST 2007

   Seasons Greetings, VVers:
   I  was  sent  a  link  today  of  a  commercial filmed in 1964 for the
   Bonanza,   Bewitched,  and  Man  from  U.N.C.L.E.  television  series.
   Apparently,  there  was  a  special commercial-free episode of Bonanza
   broadcast  just  before  the  1965  models  hit  the showrooms and the
   episode  was  sponsored  by  Chevrolet.   At  the  end  of the Bonanza
   episode,  there  was one LONG commercial featuring various actors from
   these shows extolling the virtues of the '65 Chevy lineup.
   This is a link to a website with a story about the commercial:


   A direct link to the video is here:


   About  1  minute into the commercial, there's a real nice piece on the
   Corvair done by Robert Vaughn (a.k.a., The Man from U.N.C.L.E.).  It's
   unfortunate  that  a 4-door sedan was chosen for the first part of the
   spot  [hee  hee], but the piece recovers nicely as he demonstrates the
   use  of the telescoping steering wheel.  The Corvair section concludes
   by  showcasing  a gorgeous white Corsa coupe.  The rest of it is worth
   watching  if  only  to  see the over-the-top descriptions of the other
   Chevy models.
   (During  the Corvair piece, Vaughn makes an interesting point that the
   telescoping  wheel  option  was  available  on  only  on  Corvairs and
   Corvettes.   Having  lost about 6 of these on overpriced eBay auctions
   to  the  same  jagoff  who's paying big dollars and then flipping them
   into the Corvette market, all I can say is "Grrrrr".)
   On a somewhat related note, I also came across this link that has some
   good  contemporary shots of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'s "Pirhana", which
   was Corvair-powered:


   I  searched the VV Archives looking for mentions of these videos/links
   but  came  up with no hits.  Hopefully they are as nice a surprise for
   everyone else as they were for me.
   Merry Christmas.
   Steven "or should I say 'Corvairmas'?" Serenska
   '65 Monza Convertible, 110/4, no telescoping wheel, grrr
   '66 Corsa Coupe, 140/4, no telescoping wheel, grrr


   1. http://members.tripod.com/~bewitchvic/bonanza.html
   2. http://members.tripod.com/~bewitchvic/s_bewitching_bonanza.wmv
   3. http://www.c-we.com/piranha/UNCLEcar.htm

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