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Fri Dec 21 09:15:04 EST 2007

Bill wrote (in part):

>A lot of folks on here say there is no need for it.  Well, I don't 
>know if there is a need for it in a Corvair motor, but on the other 
>hand, in the vein of 'do no harm', in a stock-ish motor, does it hurt 
>anything?  I ran one for many years, and don't believe that it hurt 
>anything I could identify.

Hydraulic pumps do not pump pressure they pump volume.  The pressure
comes from resistance to the flow and the greater the volume the greater
the resistance.  Most feel that 10 PSI per 1000 RPM is enough for racing. 
Unless and engine is extremely worn (Take the time to check the cam 
bearing surfaces) the stock pump will prove to be more than adequate.  
Increasing the flow beyond that provides no advantage.  On the down side 
running the pressure up can cause excess wear on the drive gears, can '
float' bearings causing them to spin (not often seen in a Corvair) ... and will 
increase the oil operational temperature which is something no Corvair 
actually needs.

Ken Pepke

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