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Fri Dec 21 16:57:58 EST 2007

At the SEMA show this past fall, I engaged a manufacturer of LED Tail light  
assemblies on the subject of replacement taillights for the Corvair. They do 
not  make pop-in bulb replacements, their product is a built from scratch 
taillight  lens, designed to duplicate the external shape of the original lens, but 
with  about 25 high intensity LEDs built into the assembly, correctly  aimed, 
along with the electronics to control them and the dual intensity  output to 
perform the Tail/Stop duties. When the light is off, it appears like a  new 
original lens (with, perhaps some differences if you look through the  plastic 
outer) but is much brighter in either mode (Tail or Stop/turn), when  
activated. On the inside/backside is a plug that pops into the original  light socket. 
It would use the original gasket design and hold-down ring.   It is a 
"screw-in" replacement.They are built to mimic the load of the original  lights for 
proper flasher performance. In addition, the back-up light  assembly might also 
be available, with white LEDs. 
A couple of caveats, right now, I have provided him with the late model  
66-69 lenses, they are the "later" models with the slightly larger trim  ring. 
That would be the first application. Remember they would be a performance  
enhancer - and shouldn't differ visually from the original design - but brighter  
and, obviously, an "LED style" brightness. 
I am trying to decide wheater to go ahead with production and sale of these  
items. Who better to give me an opinion - either way Yes or No - and why you  
would or would NOT buy a pair for your Corvair?
Oh yes - The cost. I forecast the Tail/Stop lights should be about $35 each  
- (Clarks price on a regular replacement lens is about $21 each. Around  the 
same cost at Corvair Underground) You can look at this as a safety  item as 
well. These lights will definitely make your car easier to see at night  and 
brighter stop and turn signals even in the daytime.  Hot Rodders and  Modders will 
probably install four of them. Anyway, I would be interested  in your 
Seth Emerson
_Sethracer at aol.com_ (mailto:Sethracer at aol.com)  

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