<VV> Was Hi Vol Oil pump/now lifter oil loss

Louis Armer carmerjr at mindspring.com
Sat Dec 22 00:38:35 EST 2007

You have to add oil to the crankcase !!! <GGG> 
Geeessshh...............BoHunk !!!

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At 11:19 AM 12/21/2007, you wrote:
>Question. In a racing Corvair engine , running stock pump, remote 
>cooler, 10 psi per thousand rpm ~ 70 psi or so, hydraulic lifters, 
>turning up to 7500 rpm, why do lifters lose their adjustment, 
>meaning clacking like the oil within the lifter is low, after a half 
>hour on track? Are they improperly adjusted (nominal 5/8 turn)? Do 
>the valves float causing the lifter not to continue to " pump up"? 
>What is happening?
>Chuck S

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