<VV> Initial questions from a Corvair 'newby'

Ed Orbea ed.orbea at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 14:57:37 EST 2007

Greetings & Happy Holidays

I am a new member to the World of Corvairs, and while I have other 
street/hot rods (69 Chevelle SS, 23 Ford T-Bucket, 53 CHevy 5-Window 
OU), this is my first Corvair. I purchased this for my wife as a 
Christmas present, since when she was in hihg-school/college she had a 
1962 Corvair.

I have possibly the start of many questions that hopefully the 
membership can provide. I have looked ar the discussion thread via 
"Google" but either I don't know the proper Corvair "wording" or my 
Google abilities are limited.

My first question is in regards to jacking up the Corvair with a floor 
jack so as to easily get underneath the car (I do not have a hoist in my 
shop). WHere is the best place to locate a floor jack to raise the rear 
end high enough to place jackstands and where should the jack stands be 
placed? On my other cars, I can place the jack under the differential 
pumpkin, and then place the stands under the axle housing or under the 
frame rails, but with the Corvair being rear-engined and with the engine 
panels, I don't know where to place the jack or the stands?
The second question is a repeat of the first, but in regards to the 
front of the Corvai?
The third question has to do with trim tag decoding (I have looked st 
the info at the Stock Corvair Site, but to no avail), especially the 
exterion/interior coloe

| STYLE 62-0927     BODY OA21079 |
| TRIM 4-758              15       Paint 920 |
| ACC H  D  W  L                        24BB |

Thanks in advance for the assistance or the direction to the proper web 
site for this info.


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