<VV> Initial questions from a Corvair 'newby'

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Welcome to the discussion.
I would start with investing a couple hundred into a number of books. Shop manuals, Corvair Basics, Bob Helts and Richard Finch written stuff,etc.
And of course be very careful. Use a very good quality floor jack and stands.Be sure to work on a clean stable floor. And are you in earthquake country? I know in California the San Andreas is about 150 years overdue for a major incident (1 of the many reasons we left the Los Angeles area). 
Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado.
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>Welcome to the group.  While I am not an early guy here are some of 
>the particulars.  There are three places for number on your car. on 
>the left rear frame rail is the serial number. (year, model, plant, 
>sequence number).  The trim plate you refer to is the Fisher body 
>plate.  As you probably know, Chevrolet did not make their car 
>bodies; the Fisher Body Division did.  The bodys were shipped 
>completed to the final assembly plant.  This info is from the P&A 
>30C: 62-0927 is a 1962 two door Monza.  OA, I think stands for the 
>Oakland assembly plant and 21079 is the sequence number   I am 
>definitely not sure about that. The trim decodes to "metallic medium 
>fawn imitation leather bucket seats" and the paint to "autumn gold 
>acrylic".  I have no knowledge of the accessory codes for the 
>earlies. A good place to start learning about Corvairs is Gary's site 
><www.corvaircorsa.com>.  For decoding the body plate a place to start 
>is Kent's site <www.corvairkid.com>.  Have fun ;-).
>Jim Davis
>At 01:57 PM 12/23/2007, Ed Orbea wrote:
>>Greetings & Happy Holidays
>>I am a new member to the World of Corvairs, and while I have other 
>>street/hot rods (69 Chevelle SS, 23 Ford T-Bucket, 53 CHevy 5-Window 
>>OU), this is my first Corvair. I purchased this for my wife as a 
>>Christmas present, since when she was in hihg-school/college she had 
>>a 1962 Corvair.
>>I have possibly the start of many questions that hopefully the 
>>membership can provide. I have looked ar the discussion thread via 
>>"Google" but either I don't know the proper Corvair "wording" or my 
>>Google abilities are limited.
>>My first question is in regards to jacking up the Corvair with a 
>>floor jack so as to easily get underneath the car (I do not have a 
>>hoist in my shop). WHere is the best place to locate a floor jack to 
>>raise the rear end high enough to place jackstands and where should 
>>the jack stands be placed? On my other cars, I can place the jack 
>>under the differential pumpkin, and then place the stands under the 
>>axle housing or under the frame rails, but with the Corvair being 
>>rear-engined and with the engine panels, I don't know where to place 
>>the jack or the stands?
>>The second question is a repeat of the first, but in regards to the 
>>front of the Corvai?
>>The third question has to do with trim tag decoding (I have looked 
>>st the info at the Stock Corvair Site, but to no avail), especially 
>>the exterion/interior coloe
>>| STYLE 62-0927     BODY OA21079 |
>>| TRIM 4-758              15       Paint 920 |
>>| ACC H  D  W  L                        24BB |
>>Thanks in advance for the assistance or the direction to the proper 
>>web site for this info.
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