<VV> Initial questions from a Corvair 'newby' - Safety

Ed Orbea ed.orbea at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 23:51:14 EST 2007

I just purchased from ebay Richard FInch's book. I have the 61 SHop 
Manual and have ordered the 62 supplement. I also have the original 
owners manual. The manuals I do have, don't address the usage of floor 
jacks, just the sissors jack.

Thanks for the wanrings about safety. I have a 24x60 shop with clean 
concrete floors, multiple floor jacks, and 4-post jack stands ( vener 
had any tripot stands) that I have collected over the years isn support 
of my other cars.

The "jacking exercise" will start tomorrow, and with the information you 
all have provided, I should not have any problems.

Thanks again


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