<VV> VDO Gauges-charging system

D. Monasterio dmonasterio at megared.net.mx
Mon Dec 24 09:47:38 EST 2007

There are only two things that come to my mind on this case:

1.- Bad regulator. Sometimes they are faulty when new, mostly the cheap ones.
2.- I use VDO meters (purchased new on 1974) and they still work fine but, who knows about yours. Compare voltage readings with a good VOM. If there are not noticeable difference on readings... go for the regulator.

Good luck and Merry Christmas for all Vair fans.

Daniel Monasterio

<<.....my gauge readings about 90% of the time would read very close to 15 volts whether cruising or idling,lites,fan,stereo on or off. The other 10% of the time it reads about 13 volts. >>

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