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Tue Dec 25 17:41:38 EST 2007

    Since it take 2 revolutions of the engine to go  throufh one cycle, the 
correct answer to how much VOLUME of air-fuel mixture is  consumed is:
    displacement x RPM x 0.5
    So a 164 cu.in engine at 6000 rpm consumes 164 x  6000 rpm x 0.5 = 
492,000 cu.in. of mix per minute.  But this doesn't tell  you how much HP is 
produced since HP depends on how much WEIGHT of air/fuel  mix is consumed.  So you 
also need to know the temp. and pressure of the  mix entering the combustion 
chamber to calculate the WEIGHT of the flow.   And anything that increases the 
pressure and/or decreases the temp. of the mix  will increase the HP since it 
will increase the WEIGHT flow for a certain  displacement at a certain rpm
    See how easy it is?<GGGGG>
    Frank Burkhard
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bgilbert at redshift.bc.ca writes:

Today we  had a lively discussion on the volume of fuel/air mixture consumed
by an  engine per crankshaft revolution.

We are talking normally  aspirated 6 cylinder and V8 4 cycle gasoline

Is it  engine displacement  X .5 X RPM, engine displacement X RPM ,  engine
displacement X 2 X RPM or something else?

Thanks and  Merry Christmas!


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