<VV> ball joint fun, or why I love our vendors

Chris C ricorvair at cox.net
Wed Dec 26 11:36:27 EST 2007

Love our vendors. 

I have to replace ball joints on my 65.  The kids were sick for xmas, so 
we were going no where.  I had 4 days off, need something to do.

Figured I would go to Parts America to get the ball joints (in 
stock...believe it or not).  Well they were in stock, but not the right 

Napa had the right ones, only twice as much as Clarks.

Knew I should have placed the order 2 weeks ago, but contemplating 
additional items to get (carpet,  radio, etc), so I waited. Figured pay 
1 shipping not a bunch.

Stupid me.

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