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Ok, rather than "breaking"...would  you buy "breaking-IN"?  LOL!

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> Or, you could go to the Ohio Distributor of Penn Grade oils who make 
> various blends and racing oils, along with a semi-synthetic and buy it for 
> market prices....  As I have mentioned before, it is made by the American 
> Refining Group, on N. Kendall Ave, in Bradford,  PA. This is the original 
> green oil used by racers-was Kendall GT. They sold that business to the 
> employees.
> Their representative at the Performance Industry Trade Show in Orlando 
> earlier this month said major cam companies have recommended their oil for 
> use and especially breaking. He mentioned some by name. I suspect if you 
> go to their web site, you can find whatever testimonials/endorsements they 
> have.
> I have talked with their Regional Sales Representative, Nick Dixon, who 
> has tentatively promised a presentation at the Performance Workshop in 
> your town, Dayton, OH, on 23 Feb 2008, along with handouts, favors, door 
> prizes, oil product for sale at prices discounted from the normally 
> competitive prices as sold in your FLAPS. Jim Dallas is working this out 
> with Nick.
> I'll bet you that the local guys buy the stuff from Penn Grade...
> Chuck S
> No, I don't work for them, or receive compensation, but  their OIL is good 
> stuff.
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> All,
> With all of the discussion about modern motor oils in the last year or so, 
> I thought I'd mention this.
> A couple of weeks ago there was an article in our local newspaper (Dayton 
> Ohio) about a local fellow fed up with the lack of motor oils suitable for 
> his old cars.  So he and a partner found a refinery which would make the 
> blend he wanted (0.125% zinc and phosphorous), and they started selling 
> it. It is only sold in gallon jugs and costs $14.50.  Since September, 
> he's sold about 4000 gallons of it.  Currently they make 15w40 and are 
> talking about 20w50.  Here is a link to the story that appeared in the 
> paper
> http://tinyurl.com/ywnpza
> The contact info is think-zinc at motorheadoil.com or 937-254-2673 if anyone 
> is interested.  There is not a functional web site.  I have not been by 
> the shop to check it out, nor have I bought any for my cars yet - but I'm 
> seriously considering it.
> Greg Hanlin
> Dayton  OH

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