<VV> Re: More on Oil Formulations

Sam and Marissa Andolino mandolin at rochester.rr.com
Thu Dec 27 05:53:25 EST 2007

Hi Everyone,

In the Feb. issue of High Performance Pontiac Magazine (yes we do have a 69
convt. Water pumper.)  Had the second part of a article on oil.  They talked
to Crane and Comp cams and to Shell Oil. In short the cam companies said you
use their break in oil in reduced form.  Shell Oil stated that their Rotella
blend still could be used. They did lower their zinc to 1200ppm from 1400ppm
but it still has the same amount zinc as the racing oils.  In our local PEP
Boys store their Proline Oil 15-40 blend should still have the old zinc
content because its rating lowest rating is CI

Sam Andolino

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