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henry kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Thu Dec 27 15:09:09 EST 2007

     DO NOT trust your engine with a filter which you are not knowledgeable about. 
     As a display at Western Auto, I used 3 different filters on 3 consecutive oil changes.
A Fram, a Motorcraft and a K&N Performance. (from a 302 Ford engine)
I let them drip out for a couple of weeks then cut them open with a rotary cut off tool. (3K miles on each filter combined city/hwy)
The Fram looked like a mush roll  of toilet paper was inside. Messed up for what you pay for a Fram.  The Motorcraft was slightly better looking but still looked like it had been on there for 50K miles. The K&N looked like new, except for the dirt caught in the filter medium.

  Sold a LOT of K&N's with that display. 

     ESPECIALLY ON AN AIR COOLED CAR, the oil filters are the Kidneys of your engine.  If you had to pay for new kidneys for your body as a replacement item, would you skimp?  Would 
"Well, I can buy them cheap at Retard Auto" be reason enough, even if you heard rumours that they didn't work correctly? 

For Garland, Maybe <GG>. 

Bottom line is whether you use a NAPA Gold, or a Carquest, 
USE A WIX FILTER.  PF4's were made for GM by WIX in Gastonia, NC.  Same place the NAPA Gold is made, it's just not painted blue with the GM logo and P/N on it. 

I haven't been able to verify, but I believe the filters that Clarks' sells as their house brand is also from Wix. 

If anyone wants some old Shell or Atlas/Lee  filters that fit the Corvair, I have some. Let me know.

Best Regards

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