<VV> Would a 2009 Corvair Wall Calendar Sell?

Greg Martin Cust_Serv at twitchydigit.com
Fri Dec 28 11:02:37 EST 2007

Hello all,


My name is Greg Martin and I'm from St. Louis, Missouri.  While I may be a
new-be  to the Corvair scene, I'm no stranger to the classic car scene.
More specifically, Chevelles and Chevrolet in 'General'.   I currently own
and enjoy a '68 Chevelle SS 396 and a custom '68 El Camino.


I also happen to be a photographer for Twitchy Digit Productions (
www.twitchydigit.com <http://www.twitchydigit.com/>  ), which publishes the
only Chevelle and El Camino wall calendar available, and we have published
the same for the Nova/Chevy II enthusiasts in the past.  TDP is looking to
expand it's offerings and I happen to believe that a Corvair wall calendar
is the next logical step.


While shooting for the Chevelle and Nova calendars, I attended a great show
about a year ago up in Cleveland, Ohio, that featured nearly 100 Yenko
Stingers and other various models.  To say I was impressed is a complete
understatement.  I was in total awe.  When I returned home, I reported to
TDP that someday we should do a Corvair calendar.  That day just might be


I need feedback from as many people as possible.  I'd like your opinion
whether or not you'd like to see a 2009 Corvair Wall Calendar.  If you are
for it, please tell me what you like in a calendar.  Also, if you'd like to
be added to our mailing list so as to be contacted if we publish, include
your address, etc.  If you don't care, or wouldn't buy one, let me know that
too.  After all, this is research.


Feel free to contact me to discuss, visit the web site for our current
offerings, and drop a line or two.


I look forward to hearing from you.




Greg Martin - twitchy digit productions



www.twitchydigit.com <http://www.twitchydigit.com/> 


ps - Dear Moderator, if this post is unacceptable, please notify me.






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