<VV> Re: Would a 2009 Corvair Wall Calendar Sell?

Gary Swiatowy mopar at jbcs2.net
Sat Dec 29 08:15:49 EST 2007

I cannot answer if I would buy it without further info.
How much? shipped cost?

I actually already get a lot of free automotive calendars.
I have seen some of the specialty calendars come out pricey with shipping 
Being a normally frugal person, cost is the first thing that croses my 

Pictures were taken at a Yenko show.
Were there all varieties of Corvairs to be included in the 
Calendar............or just Yenkos?

Gary Swiatowy

> From: "Greg Martin" <Cust_Serv at twitchydigit.com>
> Subject: <VV> Would a 2009 Corvair Wall Calendar Sell?
>> Hello all,
>> My name is Greg Martin and I'm from St. Louis, Missouri.  While I may be 
>> a
>> new-be  to the Corvair scene, I'm no stranger to the classic car scene.
>> More specifically, Chevelles and Chevrolet in 'General'.   I currently 
>> own
>> and enjoy a '68 Chevelle SS 396 and a custom '68 El Camino.
>> I also happen to be a photographer for Twitchy Digit Productions (
>> www.twitchydigit.com <http://www.twitchydigit.com/>  ), which publishes
>> the
>> about a year ago up in Cleveland, Ohio, that featured nearly 100 Yenko
>> Stingers and other various models.  To say I was impressed is a complete
>> understatement.  I was in total awe.  When I returned home, I reported to
>> TDP that someday we should do a Corvair calendar.  That day just might be
>> now!
>> I need feedback from as many people as possible.  I'd like your opinion
>> whether or not you'd like to see a 2009 Corvair Wall Calendar.  If you 
>> are
>> for it, please tell me what you like in a calendar.  Also, if you'd like
>> to
>> be added to our mailing list so as to be contacted if we publish, include
>> your address, etc.  If you don't care, or wouldn't buy one, let me know
>> that
>> too.  After all, this is research.
>> Feel free to contact me to discuss, visit the web site for our current
>> offerings, and drop a line or two.
>> I look forward to hearing from you.
>> Greg Martin - twitchy digit productions
>> 314-785-6120
>> www.twitchydigit.com <http://www.twitchydigit.com/>

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