<VV> Loose antenna - fixed

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 29 21:16:31 EST 2007

While awaiting a reply on vv, I called a club member who told me that  
I could access the base of the antenna by way of the kick panel.   
Since I figured that if I dropped anything inside, I would be able to  
locate it, I tried to attack the problem from the top at the base of  
the antenna one last time.  I solved the problem by unscrewing the  
base nut and removing the base plate.  I was then able to get the  
clip that holds it from passing though the sheet metal out of the  
fender well.  It was a little bent.  I straightened it, reinserted it  
and was able to then tighten down the base.  All told, it took about  
fifteen minutes - ten figuring what to do and about five doing it.

Stephen Upham
Dallas, Texas
Vice-President-elect / North Texas Corvair Association
Corvaireum II

Mid prod. #18732 -1965 Monza Hardtop 110 PG  - Sierra Tan, Saddle, A/ 

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