<VV> Corvairs at Barrett-Jackson '08

Western Canada CORSA westerncanadacorsa at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 31 17:53:16 EST 2007

Somebody aught to talk with Craig Jackson, 'cause his website sucks!
Just a heads up.   There are four corvairs going across the block this year
at Barrett-Jackson.  That's up from two last year, and one the year before
Tuesday the 15th
Lot 23 - 1961 "Custom" Lakewood
Lot 39 - 1965 Convertible
Lot 480 - 1963 Sedan (last lot of the day)
Lot 1510 - 1961 Lakewood w/PG (only one I could find a picture of, looks
pretty stock) (one of the first lots of the day)
Judging by the schedule posted up on Speed TV, I wouldn't expect to see any
of these cars make it into the live coverage, but you never know.

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