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Ahhh, it all depends on the Porsche.  The 924, 944, and 928 while nice 
cars, were not "real" Porsches in the eyes of most auto enthusiasts and 
as a result have not held value over time. The current Cayenne (SUV) 
will experience similar plumeting value as well.  Conversely, 911 and 
Boxster/Cayman are seen as real Porsches and so will continue to be 
embraced by enthusiasts when they are 20 years old, thus depreciating a 
lot less.

Anybody who honestly buys cars as an financial investment is a bit 

Jim Burkhard

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> I think we all know the value of our Corvairs is to be found with 
> us, their owners, not in the marketplace. But, we've all heard of 
> the spectacular prices some of the muscle cars have allegedly 
> brought at auction.  The New York Times today has an article that 
> pretty much dispels that.....
> If the link doesn't work well for you, here's an example:
> 982-91 PORSCHE 944 The years have not been kind to the values of 
> Porsches from the 1980s. As an investment by an original buyer, 
> the saddest case of all may be the 944, a front-engine water-
> cooled 4-cylinder car that followed the tepid 924 in both design 
> and execution. At introduction, the 944 cost $18,980. Today, one 
> in good condition is worth $4,100, according to Kelley Blue Book.

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