<VV> more on identifying that paint color

Ray Rodriguez reray at echoes.net
Sat Nov 3 10:49:39 EST 2007

Still hoping to Identify that paint color and could use some help from you guys.  Based on the paint chips I found online the color I'm looking for could be either:

Mist Blue

Marina Blue

Artesian Turquoise

The color I'm looking for was on a 66, but the picture I linked is a 65 and I believe it is the same color... the paint on that 65 I linked is what I want either way.  We also owned a 66 that was a lighter blue then I am looking for.... very near silver in some light conditions.. I'm looking for more blue then that.  I am not looking for the turquoise that has a very definite greenish tinge... is Artesian Turqoise greenish?

How dark is Marina blue...... how light is Mist blue... is that the "almost silver" color?

This is the almost silver blue I am NOT looking for that was on the 66'

and this is the blue on the 65' that I am looking for

My best guess at this point is Mist blue since its the only 65' color that looks close.. but if thats it then what is the lighter 66 color?  Artesian turquoise?

Thanks for the help!

Ray Rodriguez III
CORSA member
65' Corsa 140/4 coupe undergoing restification
65' Monza 110/PG coupe daily driver

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