<VV> Steering Question

Russ Moorhouse corvair65 at verizon.net
Sat Nov 3 10:50:58 EST 2007

When I drive my 65 Corsa, there seems to be some play in the steering, 
however when it's parked and I turn the wheel you can see the wheels start 
to turn almost immediately.  There's less than an inch of play in the 
steering wheel sitting still, but it feels more like 2 to 3 inch of play 
when driving.

I have 185x13 radials on it, but if feels more like I have bias tires.  I'm 
running a 10 lb difference between front and back and have varied the 
pressure but that hasn't made any difference.  I've had the whole car gone 
over by a local mechanic, who is also an ex Corvair mechanic, and nothing 
could be found wrong with any of the steering or suspension.

Is this bit of play or as I refer to it as a "dead spot" normal in old cars? 
It's been ages since I drove anything but new cars and it's too long ago to 
remember how old cars drove.

Russ Moorhouse
'65 Corsa coupe 140 HP
Group Corvair Member
Corsa Member
Kent Island, MD

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