<VV> wheel cylinder tools

Steven steven at sashimi.org
Sat Nov 3 17:37:41 EST 2007

Well, it took alot longer than it should have but I managed to install a new 
cylinder to replace the slightly leaky RR on my '66 convertible.
Never did this before and I thought I'd bought all the tools I'd need for 
the job, but I had a lot of difficulty with the pesky forward bolt.

On the upside, the brakes now stop the car straight (instead of pulling 
significantly to the left as it had) and my 11 y.o. son helped me bleed the 
The spring removal and installer tool was really handy too.
Before I replace the LR cylinder (and then front cylinders) I'm going to 
need to get a better wrench for the forward bolt.

What's the best wrench offset for that application?  My box wrenches are 15 
degrees offset, and it was considerably less than optimal.
Would a deep offset box wrench fit?  How deep is too deep?  It's a pretty 
tight space...


Steve Brown

Media, PA
'62 Rampside
'66 Monza Convertible


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