<VV> Ignitor II, Seth's Wires, Michellin x-series tires?

Ken Campbell deltainc at grm.net
Sat Nov 3 19:12:49 EST 2007

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From: "Bryan Blackwell" <bryan at skiblack.com>

> Oh, my.  tire Rack doesn't list a 195/70-13 any more.  That doesn't
> mean they don't exist, but it's not a good sign.
Check out Cooper Cobra GT ... I bot some not too long ago, and have been
running that " model" on several cars the last few years ... The tread seems
just a tad on the soft side, but that would be great for the vairs.. they
can use the traction, and don[t wear out anyway.

check their web page ..  reargards, ken campbell, re-cooperating in Iowuh

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