<VV> identify that Vair' color!

Kent Sullivan kentsu at corvairkid.com
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A little hard to tell since we're not using a color-matched monitor/video
card, but I am pretty sure that is Mist Blue. It's not likely Nassau Blue
since that color was reserved for Corvettes. (Assuming the car was not
repainted or repainted using a Corvair color.) I'm also pretty sure it's not
Marina Blue. Marina Blue photographs very bright usually; it is an intense
shade. It's definitely not Glacier Gray.

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IF that is an original color on a 1965 Corsa, it is probably:

Nassau Blue Poly  GM code FF  PPG code 13057

More here: 

Frank DuVal

Ray Rodriguez wrote:

>I need to know the official name (and if possible paint code) for the
corvair in the following photo.......
>This was the color of my first Vair and I am forever in love with it...
time to buy some paint!

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