<VV> clean & seal gas tank

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Mon Nov 5 07:20:23 EST 2007

In the next couple of weeks I'm going to be cleaning and sealing my gas 
tank.  I'll be using clarks no-name sealer (unless someone tells me it's 
worthless and I should get the POR 15 stuff.).  What is the best way to 
clean out 17 years of old gas/sludge from the tank?  I've heard that putting 
a length of chain and shaking it does the trick.  What about kerosene, 
laquer thinner, or something like that? Or even some fresh gasoline, to help 
dissolve the sludge?



Here again, unless you just want the experience I suggest a new tank. They 
are not that expensive and using Clarks inside and outside sealer you will 
never have to worry about rust returning.
I use Clarks gas tank sealers on any tank I work on. Follow the instructions 
and don't get in a hurry. The exercise to get the sealer to coat all the 
inside surface looks like Tai Chi with a gas tank! Great entertainment for 
your neighbors if done outside in the driveway!

Rick Norris 

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