<VV> brake cylinder removal early

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Nov 5 22:32:07 EST 2007

Take the backing plate off the rear trailing arm. If the bolts are not 
too rusty, I don't take the axles out of  the car, just let them hang so 
the backing plates can be off the studs.

Sometimes I take the backing plate completely off the car and put it in 
a vise if the bolt heads have rusted the flats off. I'm in the east you 
know! gggg

Rebuilt many a wheel cylinder mounted to the backing plate. Not  just on 
Corvairs. Good results. Then the automakers put blow out proof stops 
(pistons are captive to backing plate lumps)  so it can't be rebuilt in 

Frank DuVal

six point socket or combination wrench helps on moderately rusted bolt 

Bill Brafford wrote:

>i have a 63 spyder, has anyone else had difficulty removing the rear brake cylinders? there are two bolts that hold the cylinder on, one of which is inaccessable.  after several weeks of trying to make tools to fit,  contemplating chisling the bolt head off, or grinding the interference from the edge of the swing axle, the cylinder was "rebuilt in place" hope it holds. 
>has this situation presented itself to anyone else, if so what was your solution?

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