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Several  years ago I had the same problem. After disconnecting the gas 
line from  the pump and removing the gas cap,  I pressurized the line by 
blowing  into it, when that didn't work I used my compressor and 
eventually could  hear air bubbling in the fuel tank.  Once this was 
accomplished, gas  again flowed down the line and I never had any more 
problems. (probably  should have emptied and cleaned the tank but I'm 
kind o' lazy when it  comes to work and the problem never happened again)
Good  luck!

Be careful with the air pressure applied in this fashion. Blowing our own  
air into the line cannot supply enough pressure to damage anything, but a nice  
100 PSI compressor air feed can. If improperly applied (as in plumbing it  
directly into the line (not recommended) vs. using a PSI limiting blow gun  
(recommended) the high pressure can damage hoses and blow the filter sock  assembly 
off the pickup tube in the tank. If that happens, you will need to add  an 
extra in-line filter and prepare to inspect it regularly. -  Seth

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