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Thu Nov 8 00:29:55 EST 2007

i made several from various delco units available in the early  seventies.  i 
changed pushbuttons , tuning shafts and volume controls on  some to do it.  
the 70's gmc and chevy high end pickup trucks had a nice  stereo model that 
would bolt in the corvair. it had a slide bar band change  like the corvette 
units. there were a couple that used the end buttons to  change bands ..they made 
good units to hide the fact that you had fm in an  early.  i made several 
interesting combos up , back when it was rare to  have fm or tape in a car.  maybe 
it was because i was working on delco  radios for a living from 66 -77 and 
later..get an old delco service /parts book  and dream on.
regards, tim colson

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