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Got one  of them fancy satellite radios in my new Dodge truck. It stays on 
channel 74  Sirrus blues! Also has an input jack for other audio devices.

Rick  Norris

> Forget AM
> Forget FM
> Forget  Cassettes
> Forget CDs
> I'm hooked on satellite  radio.

My 2002 Avalanche came with Onstar, but XM Radio was not yet  available. 
Before making my solo cross-country tow to Kansas for the SCCA Solo  II nationals, 
I had a drop-in Sony XM radio added. That was to present me with  choices in 
the great un-populated areas, where FM is unknown - or extremely  local - and 
AM consists of reactionary talk radio, bad country or Mariachi  music. 
Satellite radio audio quality is just below CD, but either Sirius or XM  (someday 
they will truly merge) offers so many choices. It really made the trip  much more 
pleasant. My Corvette came with XM but any of the factory XM  installations 
can easily be changed over to a Sirius radio. The trick  in any install, and 
that includes the Corvair, is to pick a technology. My  Avalanche OnStar dies 
next January, which means I get to buy a new radio. Since  I don't have to worry 
about the Onstar interface, I am looking at radios with  all the newer 
technology, like HD radio, which is local digital radio, now being  broadcast in 
most places. The new unit must accept and control  iPod input, as well as one of 
the two Satellite systems, and accept both MP3  disks and direct USB input. Of 
course, since my Corvair is a race car, I don't  need a radio in there - just 
the factory Radio Block-off plate! -  Seth    

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