<VV> '62 Spyder, factory/aftermarket performance options

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 8 14:24:16 EST 2007

Congrats on your friends into the Corvairdom...

The 1962 RPO696 Factory HD suspension option included...

HD Springs, front roll bar, rear limiting straps, 

As well as 1962 RPO 686 Metallic brake shoes (with larger wheel brake

The only aftermarket item is the transverse spring.  Have your friend
check the logo and see if it isn't actually an EMPI Camber

Nice find....

Rick Loving

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My friend recently bought a low-mile (40K) original '62 spyder, and has
discovered a number of interesting performance items:

1) IIECO (sp?) transverse leaf spring.  He initially thought that this
was a '64 spring that someone that cobbled in, but after digging off the
crud, found the IIECO id and some professional bracketry.

2) Limiting straps on the rear A-arms.  He says that the mounting
hardware looks very factory, but he can't find anything in his hoard of
literature that says anything about these.  Does anyone know if limiting
straps were a factory option in '62 (or any other year, for that

3) Factory metallic brakes, complete with what appears to be the
original metallic brake pads, larger bore wheel cylinders, etc.

4) Front anti-roll bar.

It would appear that this car was optioned to be a mean ralley car, but
he sees no evidence that it has ever been abused.  Everything on the car
is as new, except that it's spent a good deal of time outside in the
arid desert southwest and needs completely restored.

Needless to say, he's excited about his purchase.

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