<VV> Heater Smoke

Brandes, Guy GBrandes at loebermotors.com
Fri Nov 9 12:00:00 EST 2007

Hi All,

Start off with a clean engine and then get some leak trace powder and
spray all seal areas then even small oil leaks will show up even if the
fan is running.  I have found from my experience that it is either the
tubes or valve cover gaskets but the leak trace powder really helps pin
point leaks.

There are dyes on the market, that we use at our dealership that can be
added to the oil (after the engine is cleaned off) that are great but an
ultra violet light source is necessary to illuminate the dye.


Guy Brandes

65 VAIR 140

Smitty Says:   Ray, you are right to be concerned about the source of
your smoke.  Normally though exhaust is not smokey and is even less so
after the engine warms up.  Let's talk about exhaust leaks first.
Usually the leaks that get into the heater system are either exhaust
"stacks" or head gaskets.  To check for stack leaks, put the car up on
solid jack stands.  Remove the fan belt and the manifold cover pans.
(remove fan belt so the rushing cooling air coming down from the fan
won't confuse the issue).  Start the engine cold and quickly get under
and start feeling for gasket or tube .....

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