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Tony  will be missed--especially by 60 fans, as he may be very possibly the 

Not trying to shove anybody else into the dirt nap  stance (we've had enough 
of that this year), but I've been "Getting Around" to  buying the books 
written, by "Who the Hell is" Bob Helt, but I want to get  those signed as well.  
What say ya Bob?   


Hi Hank and all,
I purchased my first Corvair in Feb 1960, so i guess that I might qualify  as 
a "caveman" too.
Anyhow, I'd be glad to sign any of my books. You just need to get them to  me 
along with a stamped return envelope. Or alternately, purchase them directly  
from me .
Prices and mailing address available upon request (if you don't already  have 
this info).
Bob Helt

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