<VV> more on corvair heat- leaves blowing out of vents!

Matt Nall nalllm at verizon.net
Fri Nov 9 13:11:30 EST 2007

1  Find a very POWERFUL  shop Vac.....at a car wash, etc...  and with engine 
runnging... heat on....fan on high....suck at the rear seat outlet and the 
ones up front......otherwise you need to get under the car and remove the 
LAST  plastic duct..at the plenum...

2  Sorry.. if the shrouds were oily..something is causing that... were the 
PR tubes DRY  on both ends?

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From: "Ray Rodriguez" <reray at echoes.net>

So I cleaned up the lower shrouds and that helped a bit, for now I'll assume 
the heat will get cleaner as I drive the car and leave it at that until 
proven wrong.

When I first turn on the heat it blows some bits of leaves and such out at 
me for a couple of seconds, then stops... it repeats this everytime I first 
turn on the heat.  What do I need to take apart and clean to get rid of the 
leaf debris in my heater system... easiest fix first!

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