<VV> Easy to install car alarms.

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There are some pretty cool ones that can be just need to have their leads clipped to the battery and sense current changes like when the dome light comes on from a door opening and have a shock sensor and remote control.  Bulldog and Audiovox make some I think.  We had a $40 bulldog one.  The remote was kind of weak.

Dan Timberlake

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I'm going to have to use my hardtop as a daily driver for a while.  I  
need to do everything that I can to protect it from theft; an alarm,  
though not fool proof, is at least a line of defense.  Does anyone  
have any recommendations at to a system or installer that would be  
able to install one on a Corvair.  I do have the electronic ignition.

Stephen Upham
Dallas, Texas
North Texas Corvair Association
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