<VV> High performance coil problem with electronic ignition (1962 Monza PG)

Dale Dewald dkdewald at pasty.net
Mon Nov 12 22:40:43 EST 2007

Hello Dennis,

At 20:54 11/12/07 -0500, Dennis PLEAU <ddpleau at msn.com> wrote:

>I've had nothing but problems with high perfromance coils from both Accel 
>(2) and Pertronics (3).  I'm back to running stock Corvair coils and they 
>seem to fire my 0.040 gap under all conditions.  I think the tempertures 
>the coils sees in the stock location breaks down the something in the coil 
>and they start missing big time.

Bad News: I have also had two Accel coils fail in Corvair application. (A 1 
week old one ruined our time at the Carlisle Convention) Both were used 
with standard ignition points.  They both began to fail when hot, but would 
work for a while longer with the ballast resistor bypassed.

Good News: I have had nothing but success with the MSD Blaster coil, no 
matter what configuration; points, Pertronics, Chrysler electronic box, MSD 

I agree with you that the Corvair engine compartment temperature is a 
factor in the failure of some brands.

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

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