<VV> cylinder heads for reliability

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Nov 12 23:49:06 EST 2007


You have to match the heads to the pistons. Well, maybe....

What you call a flat combustion chamber is called "open chambered" by 
Corvair people. This would be the 68-69 smog head shown on Clark's 
catalog page 1. This open chamber design usually uses domed pistons to 
get the compression right. But I may be all wet here. Maybe just the 110 
hp uses the domed pistons.

The 65 head with the step has the flat surface.... Some people here 
flycut the head gasket surface smooth with this step flat surface to 
help pining problems. But on a 95? Probably not necessary.

OK you late model people with more experience on smog engines, what are 
the answers to the above questions?

Frank DuVal

shortle wrote:

>Allright. It's apparantly unanimous (I hope I spelled that right). I will be installing 95 HP heads in my Rampside PG. But which ones? I have the 1965 with fresh valve job bought from Dave's Corvair Shop in Albuquerque or I can use my 1969 95 HP heads (flat combustion chamber- unlike the 1965 which has a raised step)also with a fresh valve job.So again I ask, which set?  

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