<VV> cylinder heads for reliability

Bill Meglen tirediron at charter.net
Mon Nov 12 22:52:26 EST 2007


Thanks for your original post that produced such great reasoned responses
from VV membership. It enabled me to get my questions answered as well.  It
is clear that the 140 is not the logical "fit" in an FC I had thought it
would be. While my question dealt with a 1964 PG Convertible, I had been
saving a pair of 140 heads for my Rampside. I clearly will reconsider that
in light of the info gleaned from this thread.  I have a nagging suspicion
that the turbo engine that I have in mind for the other Rampside may not be
a good swap either.


On 11/12/07 19:17, "shortle" <shortle556 at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Allright. It's apparantly unanimous (I hope I spelled that right). I will be
> installing 95 HP heads in my Rampside PG. But which ones? I have the 1965 with
> fresh valve job bought from Dave's Corvair Shop in Albuquerque or I can use my
> 1969 95 HP heads (flat combustion chamber- unlike the 1965 which has a raised
> step)also with a fresh valve job.So again I ask, which set?

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