<VV> 95HP heads

Mike Kost vairmike at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 13 22:30:06 EST 2007

They should have been "domed" pistons which had a flat top which was 
stepped up from what would normally be the top of the piston.

Mike Kost

shortle wrote:
> Wow! Now I am confused. Is there any value AT ALL for my 1969 flat chamber heads (they look like late turbo heads)? Although my Rampside will be getting the 1965 95HP heads, I still am intrigued with the 69's. If my memory is correct,they had flat pistons.                                                      wer
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>> ...and  to muddy the waters even further, late heads have a different bore 
>> for the  cylinder. I have some specs somwhere (of course I can't find them) 
>> that  early heads won't fit late jugs, and late heads are 'loose' on early 
>> jugs;  or the other way around...
>> harry yarnell
>> Except that the "early" pistons he was referring to were the flat-top 1965  
>> and most 66. Those and the late open-chamber head would be about 7 to 1  
>> compression. If you used 1963 displacement, with (appropriately shimmed) later  open 
>> chamber heads - you would be even lower.  A bonus, though, you could  
>> probably start the car with a coiled rope! <grin> -  Seth

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