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he's in  Oklahoma now--makes sense, he's a Native American.

Because everyone  in Oklahoma is a Native American?
Since you're in Hollywood you must be a  movie star...
Before Oklahoma became a state in 1907, the area consisted of two  
territories, the western 1/2 to 2/3 which was Oklahoma Territory, and the  eastern part, 
which was Indian Territory; this part was settled after the forced  march 
from North Carolina and other states, when Andrew Jackson (Old Hickory)  ordered 
them cleared out to free the land for white settlers and after the U.S.  
Supreme Court declared his order unconstitutional and Old Hickory said "They  have 
made their decision, now let them enforce it."
Eastern Oklahoma, where Rafee lives, is not reserved for Native Americans  
any more, but they are a large majority of the citizens, and proud of it.  
Think of Will Rogers (if your folks talked about him.
Scotty from Hollyweird (I'm definitely not a movie star, but I'm not a sex  
pervert either)' only appeared on TV once, when a group of people of which I 
was  a member held a demonstration in front of the Arizona State Capitol 
supporting  the Liberty Amendment to the Constitution.  The wanted a little more 
order  than just people walking around- thought someone would lead them in song 
that  they could march to--so here was I, loud and clear, with "The Battle Hymn 
of the  Republic". Got kidded a lot the next day when we made the 6 o'.clock 

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