<VV> Megasquirt Throttlebodies (sic)

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Wed Nov 14 16:33:50 EST 2007

Blaine -

Kudos on the Megasquirt thoughts1 Are you talking about throttle body 
INJECTION, though?  That isn't the same as "throttle bodies". Every 
port-injected gasoline engine still has throttle bodies (even the 
modern BMW Valvetronic ones that supposedly don't).  The throttle body 
is just the air control valve gizmo that looks rather like a carb and 
has a butterfly valve (or 2) in it. Whether or not it has fuel 
injectors is a different matter entirely...  The ones with fuel 
injectors are commonly called TBIs.  If it's just called a "throttle 
body" that implies no fuel injection there, but rather at the ports or 
(increasingly) direct in-cylinder.

Jim Burkhard

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Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 9:22 pm
Subject: <VV> Megasquirt Throttlebodies
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> All this talk of Megasquirts has got my motor running again.  I've 
> put together a financial plan that should allow me to put a system 
> together in the next 6 - 9 months.  I'm going to go the throttle-
> body route, so as to keep costs at a minimum.  I'm thinking the 
> way to go is with a throttle-body (or two) from a motorcycle or 4-
> wheeler.  My buddy and I put a pair of modified Yamaha 400 EX 
> carbs on a corvair and WHEW!  Talk about snappy throttle response! 
> We had trouble with hood clearance, though, because the carbs are 
> side-draft, and we don't have a mandrel bender at our disposal.  
> So I would like to stick with a pair of down-draft throttle-bodies 
> if possible.  I'm not looking for performance so much as fuel 
> economy and reliability.  Anyone care to comment on my ideas?  
> If you think it's doomed to failure, please tell me why and/or 
> make an alternate suggestion.  Any info on the CFM ratings of the 
> original carbs would be helpful as well.
> Thanks,
> Blaine
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