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Sat Nov 17 08:54:17 EST 2007

My best.....

The old rag under the blower cover trick. 
Put a 110 together for my dad's 65 4 door.Late at night, decided to finish in the morning....starting with bolting on the blower cover. Left that rag on top so no dirt would get into the block, or something bright like that. Fast forward to next afternoon. Now, why does this perfectly good engine only turn over about 3/4 turn? That is one you only do once!!!
Frostbite Falls, MN
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Subject: <VV> Corvair Humor

OK fess up Whats the dumbest thing you ever did working on a  Corvair, I just 
finished up installing a 110 that hasn't run in over 20 years. I  got it 
fired up on the floor and it ran great. We installed it into the car and  went 
turn the key and start it. I drove the car into the garage before we  took the 
old engine out so it all worked fine. I hit the key and nothing. No  click 
just nothing. After checking all the connections and jumping it at the  starter 
it fired up but not from the key. We traced wires and checked  everything. 
After about 45 minutes I got in to try again, that's when I noticed  the 
It was in drive LOL . I slid it into n and it fired right up. DUH!!  Now lets 
hear yours!!
Ron T 
In the corner with the pointy hat  on

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