<VV> Dwell Variation with Crane/Allison XR700 Ignition + Safeguard

Mikeamauro at aol.com Mikeamauro at aol.com
Sat Nov 17 09:27:09 EST 2007

Two of my Vairs, at idle and above, are displaying significant dwell  
variation on one cylinder, only: one vehicle shows 10-degrees variation on #2,  while 
the other shows 13-degrees offset on #5. I do not believe the  Safeguard is 
causing the problem (as Safeguards are not active at idle), but  will take the 
Safeguards out of the circuit just to be sure.  

I'm thinking there may be a factory defect in the XR700 shutter  wheels, and 
my next TS step is to move the position of the shutter wheels in  relation to 
the distributor and retest; if the variation follows the  repositioning of the 
shutter wheel, I've found the problem. If not?
Wondering if anyone else has seen this issue with a Crane/Allison Ignition?  
With this ignition I should be seeing zip amount of variation, and  certainly 
not all on one cylinder.
Mike Mauro

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